“This is about winning elections,” Democratic donor and Inclusv co-founder Steve Phillips told BuzzFeed News.

A group of Obama campaign veterans who believe the Democratic Party must urgently diversify its hiring will launch a new operation to connect minorities with campaigns looking to hire them.

“I’m genuinely concerned progressives are going to lose elections if we don’t increase our cultural competence in campaigns,” said Inclusv co-founder Steve Phillips, a major Democratic donor. “That’s what happened in 2010 and 2014, those campaigns were unable to inspire turnout of voters of color.”

In many ways, Inclusv just formalizes the work the co-founders have been doing behind the scenes for years. The group includes Alida Garcia, who served as the national Latino vote deputy director for Obama in 2012; Quentin James, who is the black Americans director for Ready for Hillary; and Greg Cendana, who is the executive director of the Asian Pacific America Labor Alliance.